Educational Deck

Layout design of the global educational deck for Brand Protection dept at Nike,inc. 


Language Lesson Campaign

Introducing Uber to that lineup of "must know" vocabulary.

Apparel Design 

Sweatshirts etc.,

An overview of apparel design for various clients and occasions. 


The Deadline Clock

Object from a series “Life of a Designer”, a wall clock that everyone understands but noone likes.


OOH Work Sweatshirt

Stay positive ~ and warm ~ with the Office of Hard Work sweatshirts! 


Fashion Show, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Identity for the annual fashion show of the KABK students.


Saturn II 

Logo/patch design for The Impossible Relaunch of Saturn V. Personal project of a graphic designer Paul Sahre. 


Public Bikes

Are we riding cars or are they riding us?

with/for Paul Sahre

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